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Sexy. Glam. Rock N Roll wedding. Those are words that described Candice & Jordan perfectly. They are also words that described their wedding perfectly. The rich red & black colour scheme with black glass candelabras, it really was a wedding after my own heart since it was a little on the darker side and it was oh so beautiful. The day in general was just awesome. I joined Candice at her Mom’s place for getting ready and Rachel hung out with Jordan & the boys for the morning.As always, it’s a frenzy for the girls to get ready while the guys get to take it easy and have some fun… it’s really not all that hard to put pants on, right? Of course I couldn’t resist the kitty at Candice’s Mom’s place… but I’ll only include one photo here! Originally the ceremony was supposed to be outside but the iffy weather in July had things relocated inside just to be safe. We headed to Best Western in West Edmonton for the ceremony and there were tears all around as Candice & Jordan said I do. After the ceremony, we went back into Stony Plain and shot downtown for a little bit of an urban feel. After the portraits it was party time at the reception at the Best Western in Stony Plain. Wedding Planner Sofia from Awespiring Weddings and her team did an amazing job setting up the gorgeous reception with gorgeous lighting from Site6 Events and beautiful florals from fabloomosity. The evening was fantastic and it was quite the party! I loved the day! Thank you to Rachel from Rachel J Photography who was my second shooter that day! Congratulations Candice & Jordan!!

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