An Edmonton Photographer in Seattle | A learning holiday at CreativeLive

A learning holiday at CreativeLive

Earlier in May I got an email that made me pretty excited – I was headed to Seattle, WA to attend an in-studio workshop with Jasmine Star at the CreativeLive studio I’ve been watching CreativeLive for a few years now and have learned a lot with their live online photography education. I applied to be in the audience for Jasmine’s workshop and was pretty stoked that I was picked to go. I only found out a few weeks before I had to be there so it took a little shimmying around to make it all work and luckily it was a weekend that I didn’t have a wedding. I hadn’t been to Seattle before, but it was on my list of places to visit so that made it even better. I flew out the day before the workshop and met up with a few of the other awesome workshop attendees for drinks. I’ve made some pretty great friends from that trip and that in itself is priceless. Filming start early on Wednesday morning. Unlike most of the Creative Live workshops, this one, in fact, wasn’t live – it was going to be aired over 30 days as part of a wedding photography bootcamp. We had an early start each morning (and boy was the time difference to my advantage, I’ll take an extra hour in the morning thank you very much!) and I was most interested in learning about Jasmine’s mastery of social media & the client experience. I wasn’t disappointed and I took away some very helpful information! We were in studio for 2 full days and then had a break over the weekend to return Monday morning for the live launch of the bootcamp. It was awesome learning about how Jasmine conducts her business, so happy that she is willing to share her knowledge and she is an incredibly sweet person!

That weekend also happened to be my wedding anniversary weekend so Derek flew down to join me on Friday and we had a mini holiday together. We went to see the Rezillos play live Friday night, we got a little tipsy and then did lots of touristy things for the rest of the time we were there. And we both got new tattoos (yay!). I did, however, choose to do a little work while I was there and had a few shoots – Seattle was too gorgeous a destination to not want to photograph people while I was there. So I ended up photographing Siri (one of the awesome ladies I met at the workshop – she lives near Traverse City, MI and you should check her out at Traverse City Wedding Photographer!) for new headshots, I photographed South Jersey photographer Jessica & her husband Steve (Philly Wedding Photographer ), Jessica also set up a style shoot with Christina & Christian that I tagged along for and I photographed Christine and her husband Brady who splits her time between Washington State & Alberta (and you can check her out here). I loved photographing all of these fabulous people and I just adored the scenery in Seattle! Watch for posts for each of these portrait sessions coming soon!!

I’m hoping to make another trip back to Seattle to for another learning holiday at CreativeLive when the time is right, and for the photographers and business people out there, if you haven’t checked out the courses at CreativeLive, you totally should! Be sure to check out the Jasmine Star 30 day wedding photography workshop!

jasmine Star CreativeLive Wedding Photography Workshop Seattle Audience

Here’s the group in the studio after the second day! A group full of photographers and no one had a real camera… 😉

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