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Edmonton Proposal Photographer | Bryan & Vesna’s Valetine’s Day proposal

I have a new love and it is secret proposal photography! It’s so fun to stake out a location a watch a proposal happen, see the tears, feel the excitement… and then pop out so the unsuspecting lady realizes this momentous moment has been capture to look back and enjoy forever! Of course, it’s absolutely terrifying for me… it’s even more stressful than a wedding because you truly only have one chance to catch that reaction. Secret proposal photos take a lot of planning, scouting for location, looking for good light (especially important when it’s at night and we can’t use flashes to keep it secret). I’m sad to admit I couldn’t sleep for the two nights leading up to Valentine’s Day to photograph Bryan proposing to Vesna. Vesna is one lucky girl to have a guy like Bryan. He’s super sweet and thoughtful, he’s just perfect. So the plan was for Bryan & Vesna to go to Earl’s near the U of A campus since that’s where they went on their first date. They met at the U of A School of Business, so we wanted to do photos near there but the light by the Arts Building was better, so we shifted just a little bit. My husband Derek came with me that night and he was my cover. I was pretending to photograph Derek while Bryan & Vesna made their approach and then we shifted over to the Old Arts building once the couple stopped at the bottom of the steps. So far, so good. I felt pretty conspicuous but luckily no one seemed to notice me. Derek and I kept talking through the shoot, pretending to pose him and him responding while I turned my camera the opposite way to capture all of the action. Proposals happen fast. There’s really just a few seconds from the approach until it all starts to roll. Since it was Valentine’s Day, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to be getting presents. Of course, seeing that blue Tiffany box would get any girl’s heart racing… but then when Bryan got to one knee and held out the box then Vesna realized what was coming! It was a truly beautiful moment full of raw emotion. I was crying behind the camera as I took the photos and then loved seeing Vesna’s reaction when she realized it was photographed! We let them have a few minutes to themselves while I photographed her ring (It’s not fair to have her take it off minutes after getting it, but it was two pretty to not have pictures of the ring all alone). Afterwards we tucked outside for a few photos in the frosty evening and then agreed to meet up in a few more days to finish the shoot when it was a bit warmer. 🙂 Photographing proposals truly is amazing and I hope to photograph many more to come! Congratulations on your engagement Bryan & Vesna!!

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