ENViable Presets

enviable lightroom presets

These Lightroom Presets are compatible with LR V4.4+

There are 7 colour presets & 3 black & white presets.

As with any preset, you will need to tweak your images to make them perfectly to your taste, but these are a fantastic jumping off point! I use one of these for every image I deliver to clients.

If you’ve purchased the ENVIABLE PRESETS for Lightroom pack, I’d love to see them in action on your images! Shoot me an e-mail to elizabeth@envphotography.com to share your work!

Purchase now for $25 USD for 10 fabulous Lightroom Presets!

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Here are some samples of the presets in use with no additional adjustments from the SOOC image:


enviable presets fadedcolourphoto credit: ENV Photography


enviable presets CleanbandW

photo credit: ENV Photography


enviable presets CleanColourphoto credit: ENV Photography


enviable presets ColourMattephoto credit: ENV Photography
Notes: I frequently use this preset for boudoir.


Enviable Presets ContrastyColourphoto credit: ENV Photography


Enviable Presets Cooler Colourphoto credit: ENV Photography
Notes: I frequently use this preset for boudoir.


enviable preset deepermattecolourphoto credit: ENV Photography


enviable presets matte GandWphoto credit: ENV Photography
Notes: The G is for grey. This preset is grey toned, not true black


enviable presets MatteNoirphoto credit: ENV Photography


enviable presets SlightlyMatteColourphoto credit: ENV Photography

I hope you love these as much as I do! These presets have helped me to define my style and have created great consistency in my work. I aim to get things technically right in camera and then just refine the images with the use of the presets. I also have several final finishing actions that I do in Photoshop as well before releasing my finished images. Those may be for sale one day! 😉