Wedding Galleries

The Candid & Posed Portraits Gallery contains images of the newlywed couple & their wedding party. Some of the photos are posed, some are more freestyle & candid. Lots of happy looking images, we love smiles! You’ll get a great idea of what the “formal” photos look like with ENV Photography. We’ll do our best to give you direction to get the best photos possible and although sometimes the poses feel awkward, they actually look amazing! The All the Details Gallery shows all the little things that go together to make your wedding look amazing from the dress, shoes, flowers, the cake, the lighting, rings, cufflinks, etc. If you’ve thought about it, we’ll take pictures of it for you to remember! It’s all that stuff you’ve spent months agonizing over to make your wedding look just right. The As It Happens Gallery is all the memories and moments that we capture by watching what’s going on around us without our control, more of a photojournalistic approach is taken for the day outside of the portraits. It’s the look on Dad’s face when he sees you in your dress. It’s the look on your Groom’s face as he see you come down the aisle. It’s the tears streaming down your face as you say “I do”. It’s the shocked look on Aunt Martha’s face during the garter retrieval. It’s real and all natural. The candid moments are what make your wedding uniquely yours. Looking through the Wedding Galleries will show you exactly what an ENV Photography wedding looks like and what you can expect from the photos of your amazing wedding! These Wedding Galleries showcase weddings from Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, Lake Louise, Red Deer, Pigeon Lake, Jasper, Emerald Lake, St. John’s, Vancouver, Mexico & St. Maarten.

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