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Edmonton Lens Calibration Service

Edmonton Lens Calibration Service

So, what is Lens Calibration? Imagine your camera wore glasses (well, it sort of does with the lenses…really!). Lens Calibration is basically adjusting your prescription to get perfect vision again. If your glasses prescription is off, things look fuzzy. Same is true for your lenses. Your lens might back focus or it might front focus. You don’t want that.

Can you adjust your lenses yourself? Absolutely. Do you want to? Maybe, maybe not. If you like the idea of dropping everything off with someone who is so uptight about focus and sharpness to correct your lenses (that’s me… ridiculously uptight about great focus), this is the service for you.

Lens Calibration/Adjustment (24-hour turnaround, same day when possible):

Option 1 – Two camera bodies and up to six lenses (including zooms) – $375, each additional lens $35

Option 2 – One camera body and up to five lenses (including zooms) – $200, each additional lens $40

Option 3 – One camera body & one zoom lens – $65, each additional zoom lens $50 ($40 for primes)

Option 4 – One camera body & prime one lens – $50, each additional prime lens $40

5% gst applicable

Currently available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus & Pentax bodies that allow micro adjustment. If you’re not sure if your camera body can be calibrated, e-mail be with the specific camera model you have and I’ll let you know!

Drop off and pick up by appointment only. Please use this contact form to schedule your calibration.