SAFE TEAM RESCUE FUNDRAISER | Calibration for Cats | February 12 to February 21, 2018


As some of you may know, when I’m not busy photographing people, I spend a lot of my spare time volunteering with SAFE TEAM. I have been involved with this organization for almost two years now and helping kitties in need makes my heart happy. After a very expensive month of medical bills for some very sick kitties, SAFE TEAM is in dire need of funds so I will be offering camera calibration again for a limited time with all money being donated to SAFE Team Animal Rescue. If you’re a photographer, this is an amazing service that will benefit you greatly while helping the kitties. Other than this fundraiser, I won’t be offering calibrations again in the near future, so now is the time!

Lens Calibration/Adjustment (24-hour turnaround, same day when possible):

Option 1 – Two camera bodies and up to five lenses (including zooms) – $375, each additional lens $35

Option 2 – One camera body and up to four lenses (including zooms) – $200, each additional lens $40

Option 3 – One camera body & one zoom lens – $65, each additional zoom lens $50 ($40 for primes)

Option 4 – One camera body & prime one lens – $50, each additional prime lens $40

5% gst applicable

Currently available for Canon, Nikon & Sony bodies that allow micro adjustment. If you’re not sure if your camera body can be calibrated, e-mail be with the specific camera model you have and I’ll let you know!

Drop off and pick up by appointment only. Please use this contact form to schedule your calibration and help kitties in need!

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